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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Mount your own iso image on redhat linux

First create the mount point where you want to mount the iso image.

#mkdir /mntimg

Now, To mount iso image temporarily use following step

#mount -o loop -t iso9660 /image/data.iso /mntimg

Now, you have mounted the data.iso file on /mntimg directory.
You can check the entry of iso file in mtab file.

vi /etc/mtab

Now, You have mounted the iso file temporarily.

When you restart the system the iso image will unmount automatically for that you need to mount the iso permanently.

To mount iso permanently use following steps:

You need to add the entry in the fstab file

vi /etc/fstab

add the following entry

/image/data.iso /mntimg iso9660 loop,ro 0 0

You can crosscheck using the command

#mount -a

Cheers !!!! Now, You have permanently mount the iso image on /mntimg directory.

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